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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to Install a 1394 Net Adapter

Installing a 1394 net adapter--more commonly called firewire--gives you faster, more constant speed than a USB connection. 1394 net adapter cards send data in a continuous stream, making them key in digital video capturing--unlike the pulsating USB connection which is known to drop frames during video capture.

1). Power down your computer. Disconnect all of the cables and peripherals attached to it and move the computer to an area where you'll have room to work.

2). Use a screwdriver to unscrew the series of case screws securing the computer's casing to its frame--the screws will be located at the rear of your computer and along its edges.

3). Slide the computer's casing off to reveal the computer's internal components. Locate an unoccupied card slot on your computer's motherboard. Each card slot on the motherboard will have an adjacent case slot to make the card accessible externally from the computer's rear--unused slots are cover by metal plates.

4). Remove the screw holding the metal plate cover adjacent to the slot you'd like to use and remove the metal plate. Your firewire card will have a similar metal plate to secure it to the case and make your 1394 card accessible externally.

5). Slide your 1394 card into your selected slot. Secure the metal plate--built into the back of the 1394 card--into the slot previously occupied by the card slot cover. Press the card firmly into the slot, and secure the card with the same screw you removed from the metal slot cover.

6). Replace your computer's case, screws, cables and peripherals.


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