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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Repair an HP Laptop Power Jack

 The majority of problems with DC power jacks on HP laptop models stem directly from a crack forming between the power jack's positive pin and the motherboard. A good way to determine that this is the problem you are experiencing with your HP laptop is to see if it operates solely on the battery when you plug the AC power adapter into a working electrical outlet. This problem with the power jack eventually results in a dead battery that won't recharge, and a laptop that is not getting any power.

Here are the sptes:
1). Slide your electrostatic discharge wrist strap onto your wrist.

2). Open the link provided in the "Resources" section below. Identify your HP laptop model in the list and click on it. Click on "Manuals," then click on "Maintenance and Service Guide." Click on "Removal and Replacement Procedures."

3). Follow the disassembly instructions and take your laptop apart to gain access to the defective power jack.

4). Lift the motherboard up and out of your laptop and set it aside.
5). Apply soldering iron to the three contacts of the power jack to heat up the existing solder on the contacts.
6). Remove the solder from the power jack contacts using the desoldering pump.

7). Shake the jack left and right until it separates from the motherboard.

8). Solder the contacts on the replacement jack and then coat the motherboard's jack terminals with solder as well.

9). Lay the replacement jack where the original jack was positioned. Apply solder to the jack pins and the jack, then put the motherboard back where you removed it from.

10). Reverse the instructions you used to disassemble your laptop earlier, and work in this order to restore all of your laptop's components to their original positions.


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