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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to install keyboard

How to install keyboard

Identify the port
Unless you're using a computer that goes way back to the good old days of computing, your new keyboard will connect to one of two ports, either a PS/2 port or a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port. For the past six or seven years, motherboard manufacturers have color coded the PS/2 ports on their boards to make them easier to identify for users. If you look at the back of your PC, you'll see a cluster of ports that should be adjacent to your motherboard's expansion slots. If you have a tower case, the ports will likely be limited to an approximate 6-x 2-inch block of connectors of varying sizes and shapes located above the slots and below the power supply.

Also located in that same port cluster will be a group of USB ports. You can connect keyboards and a whole host of other devices to a system using these ports. USB ports are rectangular, about 0.6 x 0.25 inches. If you look into the port, you'll see a metal shroud surrounding a flat plate with four metal contacts. You'll generally find USB ports in banks of two, but their arrangement will vary depending on the type and brand of motherboard that's installed in the system.

Make the connection

Connecting a keyboard to a computer system is extremely easy. In fact, there generally is no configuration necessary. If there is some configuration required, it's almost always minimal. In general, you should be able to follow these basic steps to install your keyboard:

1. Identify the type of keyboard you are installing. If the keyboard's cable has a connector at the end that's a circular plug with 6 pins, it will connect to a PS/2 port. If the connector has a flat, rectangular plug, the keyboard will connect to a USB port.

2. Power down your system before you begin the installation. Anytime you're connecting a device to a computer system, it is best to have the power turned off (with the exception of hot-pluggable devices, such as a thumb drive or card reader, which the system will recognize immediately after you plug it in, even if the system is running).

3. Locate the appropriate port in the I/O (input/output) port cluster at the back of your computer. Remember, PS/2 ports are circular with six round pin holes, and USB ports are flat and rectangular.

Keyboards that connect to a system via USB (Universal Serial Bus) will be equipped with a flat, rectangular connector like the one shown here.

4. Insert the keyboard connector into the corresponding port. PS/2 and USB cables will fit into their corresponding ports only one way. If the plug doesn't slide easily into the port with minimal force, double-check that you're using the correct orientation. The rectangular key in a PS/2 cable should line up with the rectangular hole in the port. If the USB connector doesn't readily slide into the USB port, flip the connector over and try again. The USB icon that's branded into the connector will usually face up. If the connector is not fitting correctly, take care to not use excessive force or you may damage the pins on a PS/2 connector.

5. With the connector in place, power-up the system and let your operating system load and detect the keyboard. Now try the keyboard to make sure it's working.


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