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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to Install a Modem in Windows XP

How to Install  a Modem in Windows XP

A modem is a device used to connect your computer to the Internet. Today, most computers use broadband internet connections using LAN (Ethernet), but some people still use standard dialup 56K modems for faxing and other tasks. Most modern computers come with Ethernet and wireless networking installed. For those who still want to use a modem, it's possible to install one with relative ease.

Install a Modem in Windows XP
1. Unplug your computer, and remove any wires or other peripherals from the ports at the rear of the tower.

2. Open your tower to reveal the motherboard and the available component slots.

3. Locate the appropriate slot in the motherboard for your modem. It is either a PCI or ISA slot. It should be easy to discern which is appropriate for your modem based on the design of the connectors.

4. Press the modem firmly into place on the motherboard, making sure the connectors are completely in contact with all of the pins.

5. Close the tower and plug everything in once more.

6. Turn on your PC.

7. Wait while Windows XP tries to detect any new hardware that has been installed. Windows' database of hardware is extensive, and more 56k modems are listed in the cache file. A bubble may appear, indicating that new hardware has been found.

8. Click on the bubble to bring you to the "Add New Hardware" menu. From there, Windows XP will walk you through the steps needed to both install and troubleshoot your new modem.

9. Be sure to place any software provided by the modem's manufacturers into the appropriate drive. Drivers for providing or improving modem functionality are often provided on software CDs.


Is this same for all types of modems

will the process be the same for 7 and vista

@Chandra Shekhar, Yes it is same for all Dialup modems.

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