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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Turn on Number Lock on a Laptop

Eliminating the separate number pad is one of the changes most manufacturers make to save space in a laptop computer case. This allows the keys on the laptop keyboard to be large enough for most people to operate comfortably. The number pad didn't disappear completely though. It has been integrated with the standard keyboard with some of the keys doing double duty.

1). Locate the "FN" key on the keyboard. In most cases, it is between the "Ctrl" key and the "Windows" key on the lower-left side of the keyboard.
2). Look for the "NumLock" label or the icon resembling a calculator on the numbered function keys at the top of the keyboard. Most manufacturers use the "F11" key for this purpose. The "F4" and "End" keys are also used. Consult your user's manual if there is no clear marking for this function.

3). Depress and hold the "FN" key. Depress and release the labeled function key. Release the "FN" key. The indicator light for "NumLock" should turn on at this point. Repeat this procedure to turn the number lock off when you are finished.


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