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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What Is Smart Switch?

Computer networking has become common for home computer users and crucial for business's that needs data collaboration. Switches connect servers, computers and printers within a single location. Smart switches configure ports, set up trunking and create precedence with a Web interface.

Function of a Switch
A switch is networking hardwarethat is used to connect computers and devices on a network. A switch takes the bandwidth or data that is being fed to it and routes the full amount of bandwidth to each computer. A hub would delegate the bandwidth between the computers on the network. A switch is optimal for fast data speeds.

Function of a Smart Switch
Smart switches have manageability options and generally use a Web interface. They monitor port activity, configure bandwidth control and assist in port mirroring. They are able to calculate bandwidth traffic for applications that are bandwidth-sensitive such as streaming video. For security, the smart switch can assign VLANs, which allow computers to share network resources, but forbid access to other computers on unrelated VLANs.

Other Switches
An unmanaged switch will work immediately when activated. They are used in home networking and not normally configured. A managed switch can be configured allowing traffic and access control. Monitoring and adjustments are done remotely or locally.


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