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Saturday, March 5, 2011

How Can I See CPU Temperature?

 The more energy a device draws, the more heat it will generate. Central processing units (CPUs) generate a significant amount of heat; systems often contain heat sinks and CPU fans to dispel heat away from the CPU to keep it from overheating. If the CPU gets too hot it can cause a system to run poorly or crash.

1). Shut your computer down and then turn it back on.

2). Press the BIOS setup key while the computer starts up. Many computers will display the appropriate key on the screen as the computer starts up. For instance, your screen might say "Press F1 to Enter Setup." If the screen does not show the appropriate BIOS key, check your computer manual for the proper key. Common keys to enter BIOS setup are the function keys (F keys), escape and delete.

3). Use the on-screen navigational instructions to select and enter "Hardware Monitor," "PC Health Status" or a similar system monitor menu. Each BIOS may have different menu names and key commands for navigation. Typically the arrow keys are used to change your current selection, the "Enter" key will select and open menus and the "Escape" key will exit menus. The current CPU temperature will be listed as CPU temp, CPU temperature or something similar.


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