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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What Is a Computer Workstation?

A computer workstation is typically a standard personal computer which shares a network with a server type computer. The term Workstation refers to the computer's role in the network environment. In many business networks, there are two main types of computers available on those networks: servers and workstations. The servers house the data for the workers, and the workers perform their computing on the workstation computers. So the heavy work is performed by the workstation, and the data is provided to that workstation by the server.

Meaning of Workstation
"Workstation" refers to a relationship that a computer has with other computers.

Usage of Workstation
Usually, workstations are found connected to networks that also have a server connected.

Intended Purpose for Workstations
Workstations are usually intended to be powerful enough as to maximize computing efficiency in an office or enterprise environment.

Location of Workstation Data
Workstations connected to a business network with a server will often work on shared data that is provided by that server, so in this type of network the important data is usually controlled by the system administrator.

Workstation Operating Systems
A workstation can utilize any type of operating system that can communicate appropriately with the server. So, a workstation could be using Windows, and the server could be using Linux, and there could be a Mac OS getting data from the server too, and the workstations would still be called as such, regardless of operating system, and likewise with servers.


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