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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kensington Lock Instructions

The Kensington Security Slot is a small locking mechanism used on devices, such as laptops, computer monitors and video game consoles. The Kensington lock then connects to this slot to lock the device securely to a desk or other solid surface to prevent theft. The locks use either combinations or keys for a convenient way to protect your expensive equipment. While not unbreakable, securing your valuables with a Kensington lock can save it from an opportunistic thief.

1). Secure the security wire of the Kensington lock to a large, solid surface. This can be a desk, bedpost or any similar heavy object that is not likely to get stolen. Wrap the security wire around the object and slide the lock end through the loop end of the wire.
2). Set the lock to the unlocked position. To do this, either insert the key and turn it to the unlocked position, or enter the correct combination into the combo pad.

3). Insert the Kensington lock into the Kensington Security Slot on your device.

4). Set the lock to the locked position by turning and removing the key, or slide the combination keys so that the correct combination is not entered.


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