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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Change Batteries on a Wireless Optical Mouse

 Most wireless mice run on AA batteries. Since your mouse's batteries will need to be changed from time to time, the battery compartment on your mouse will be easily accessible. No tools are needed for this task.

1). Turn your mouse upside down. If your mouse has a power switch, turn your mouse off at this time. You will see a rectangular hatch in the base of the mouse. This is the battery cover. Press the cover down slightly and slide it off. This will expose the battery compartment.

2). Remove the old batteries using your fingers. Do not insert foreign objects. If the batteries are rechargeable, put them in their charger. Otherwise, throw them away.
3). Look inside the battery compartment to find the positive and negative markings. These will tell you which direction the batteries need to be facing. Line up these markings with the markings on the new batteries. Insert the new batteries into the compartment until they snap into place.

4). Replace the battery cover. Turn the power switch back on and turn the mouse back over. Your mouse should now be fully charged and working normally.


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