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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Add an HDTV Tuner

With the addition of an HDTV tuner, you can turn your computer into a personal home theater. Installing one will give you access to free over-the-air high-definition signals as well as the ability to program and record television shows to your hard drive to watch whenever you want. There are two types of tuners: PCI card and USB tuner. They are both fairly simple to add, and provide the same function.

1). Unplug the power cable and any other peripherals that are connected to your computer.

2). Open your computer case. Consult your computer manual for specific instructions on how to do so. Place your computer on its side with the open face up.

3). Locate an open PCI slot on your computer and remove the panel cover. You will need the screwdriver to remove the bolt that holds the panel covers in place.

4). Place your tuner into the PCI slot. Make sure that the card is securely fitted into the slot and the external connectors are flush with the open panel on the back of your computer.

5). Connect a cable line to the HDTV tuner on the back of your computer.

1). Connect the USB HDTV tuner to an open USB slot on your computer.

2). Install the software that came with the tuner.

3). Connect a cable line to the tuner.


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