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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Primary Storage on a Computer

 Computers are tasked to perform complex operations on a constant basis. In order to carry out these operations PCs must be able to store and retrieve vast amounts of data. This is largely done through the use of its primary storage system.

Primary storage in a computer consists of the computer's internal memory. This memory system is composed of RAM, or random access memory, chips.

RAM chips function by storing data on integrated circuits that form a memory module. These modules are inserted into RAM slots on the computer motherboard. The RAM chips can be quickly accessed by the CPU, or central processing unit of the computer, in any order, or at random.

When a program or other application is opened the data is sent from the hard drive to the RAM for fast retrieval. The CPU requests the data from RAM storage, processes it as needed, then writes new data back into RAM memory in a constant cycle. Whenever an application is closed, the data is deleted, or purged, out of RAM to make space for new data.


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