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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Remove a Drive From a RAID-5 Volume

RAID 5, also known as RAID Level 5, writes both data and parity information across multiple drives. RAID 5 is designed to improve write performance of your hard disk. When a drive in the RAID Level 5 array crashes or fails, you need to remove and replace the dysfunctional drive. Doing so ensures that you don't lose any data from your hard disk. Note that you will need administrative rights and privileges to remove the drive from the array.

1). Log in to your computer using administrative user name and password.

2). Click "Start" and type "Disk Management" (without the quotes) in the search box that appears at the very bottom of the "Start" menu. Click to launch "Disk Management" from the search results.

3). Locate the drive that is labeled as "Failed."

4). Right-click the drive and choose "Remove Volume" from the context menu.


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