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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to Install a 3 Port Ieee 1394 Card

Many new devices are constantly being created that require fast connections and power from your personal computer (PC). While the universal serial bus (USB) is fast and more commonly used, the 1394 FireWire card is even faster and runs a larger amount of industrial peripherals for your PC. Like most adapter slots, most computers do not come with enough, making it convenient to install an additional 1394 card to your PC.

1). Turn your PC off.

2). Unplug the power supply of your PC.

3). Remove the case of your desktop PC. (As cases vary, consult your user manual if you have difficulties.)

4). Locate an open PCI Express slot.

5). Unscrew and remove the faceplate that corresponds with the PCI Express slot you wish to use.

6). While holding your screwdriver and nothing else, touch a large metal object with the screwdriver to discharge any static electricity.

7). Slide the 1394 FireWire card into the PCI Express slot until you hear a small plastic click. The connections need to face the back of the computer and the chips need to face the top of the computer. Don't worry too much because there is only one way to fit the card in.

8). Take the screw from the faceplate and use it to secure the 1394 card to the PC.

9). Replace the computer case.


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