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Saturday, January 15, 2011



FireWire is a way to connect different equipments so they can easily and quickly share information using a single cable called Bus. As of now, IEEE 1394 is especially popular in high-speed multimedia applications, like real-time audio or video editing, where fast data transmission from/to digital video cameras or hard drives is required.

FireWire is a serial bus, meaning that there is only one wire that transports data and up to 63 devices can be connected to each other, without the need for any network device like hubs or routers.

1394 is a true peer-to-peer based bus, meaning that every device can independently communicate with every other device on the bus without the need for a dedicated host like a computer

With the device-to-device standard of IEEE 1394, you can just connect your digital camera to your digital Photo Frame and transfer the data directly. Firewire was originally created by Apple Labs and standardized as the IEEE 1394 High Performance Serial Bus in 1995.  FireWire is very similar to USB.

FireWire is invented to achieve the following:
·        Fast transfer of data
·        Ability to put lots of devices on the bus
·        Ease of use
·        Hot-pluggable ability
·        Provision of power through the cable
·        Plug-and-play performance
·        Low cabling cost


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