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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Configuring Game Console Gamepads

Configuring Game Console Gamepads

Before we start configuring Gamepad check manufacturer-specific user guides, which typically provide the most direct advice on gamepad configuration.

1). Make sure that the game console is properly connected to its power source, screen and all other essential components. Plug in any gamepads that you want to configure.

2). Turn on the system. If it is an older game system that won't run without a game cartridge inserted, put in a game cartridge before turning it on and skip to the next step. If it is a newer game system with a main menu interface, navigate to the options or settings screen. Within the settings screen, look for gamepad configuration settings. Selecting any entry relevant to gamepad configuration should take you to a configuration screen with on-screen instructions. Follow these on-screen instructions to configure the gamepad for the entire system, and then proceed to the next step.

3). Launch the game that you want to play. In older systems, you may just need to insert the game cartridge and turn on the system. In newer systems, you may need to insert a disc and select the game from a main menu screen. When the game starts, look for an options or settings screen in the main menu and select it.

4). Navigate through the settings screen for entries relevant to gamepad configuration or controls. If you select any of these entries, you should be taken to a screen where you can configure gamepad settings by following on-screen instructions. Unlike when you configured the gamepad through the consoles main menu, any settings you modify here will only apply to gamepad configuration for this particular game.


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