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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to Install a Fan in a Computer

How to Install a Fan in a Computer

In some cases you can put one or more case fans in and then obviously you have your processor fans. In this instance, this particular fan is both the case fan and a processor fan because it sits right in front of the heat sink for the processors. When you're installing it, there are basically two considerations to keep in mind.

1). how does the fan secure to the case? In this instance, Dell actually has this housing that locks into the case. So that part is covered. Usually though if you're using an after market fan, there will be some kind of screws where it just bolts into the case or sometimes it will have some little rubber pieces actually just pull through the holes and those will hold it into place.

2). The power for the fan. Typically it's 4 ports or 4 connector holes that just slides into the fan power on the motherboard.
1). Secure the case or the fan to the case, this way you don't pull on the cable while you're moving it around, then it slides down and locks in place.
2). Then the connector to the motherboard is right here. And typically there's a latch that sits on the top of the connector and you just line that up with where it goes on the motherboard and when you push down, it will click into place.


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