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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to Install Laptop Skins

How to Install Laptop Skins

Over the years, the Personal Computer (or PC) has gone from the bulky, cumbersome box and monitor to the lightweight, portable laptop. As the styles have changed, so have the ways to personalize the laptop. One such way is the laptop skin.

The main purpose of the laptop skin is to protect your laptop. Secondary, custom laptop skins not only protect the laptop, it can help you add your own personal touch to your laptop computer.

1). Using a damp cloth, clean the outside of your laptop

2). Once you're done cleaning your unit, you should measure the length and width of the cover for your laptop.

3). Take the length and width measurements of the laptop's cover for the markings of your laptop skin.

4). Taking a pen knife, do away with any excess from the laptop skin.

5). You should carefully peel off the laptop skin's corner.

6). Peel off the laptop skin and apply it to the laptop cover. Press to eliminate air bubbles.


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