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Friday, January 21, 2011

Uses of a Desktop Computer

Uses of a Desktop Computer

In 2011, desktop computers are used for a variety of purposes, including graphic design, data entry, research and gaming. Whether you're in an office or at home, you've likely encountered the personal computer that sits atop many desks.

Graphic Design
Desktop computers are widely used in the graphic design industry. By using various computer software programs, including InDesign, Photoshop and Quark XPress, graphic designers spend much of their creative time in front of a desktop computer. Connected to a keyboard and mouse, desktop computers enable graphic designers to create many items, including advertisements, logos, brochures and pamphlets.

Accessing the Internet is also a common use for a desktop computer. While many handheld computing devices also provide Web access, desktop computers offer a view of Web content on a larger screen and provide easier maneuverability. Using a computer to access the Internet enables users to perform many tasks, including viewing streaming video, sending and receive email, playing games and doing research. Most newspapers, radio stations and television networks offer online material, including news, weather and sports content. You can even order food using a desktop computer, whether it's from a restaurant or online grocer.

Playing video games is another use that has come with the progression of the desktop computer. Many games are designed to be loaded and played directly on a computer, while others require logging on to the Internet. In either case, a desktop computer facilitates the gaming experience. If playing online, gamers can play against other computer users throughout the world, via the Internet. If casino-style gaming is more to your liking, a desktop computer can help you do that as well.

Business and Finance
Most offices have desktop computers that provide workers with tools and a means to complete job-related tasks. Data-entry personnel use them to input company and client information while doctor's office workers use them to keep tabs on appointments, patient contact and medical information. Writers use desktop computers to conduct research and write while customer service workers use them to keep notes and enter payment information.


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