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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to Install a Notebook Video Card

How to Install a Notebook Video Card

Most notebook computers are designed for programs such as word-processing software that does not require advanced graphics capabilities. If you want to turn your notebook into a gaming machine or use higher-end graphic editing software, you may want to install a new video card. Although opening up your laptop is more complicated than opening a desktop, it can be done at home.

1). Power off the computer entirely and remove the power cable. Close the top lid and turn the entire unit over so you can see the bottom of the case. Hold down the battery release button and push the battery out of the case. Check the manual that came with your laptop and see if the screws on the bottom of the case hold the motherboard to the keyboard. Remove them if they do. Turn the laptop back over.

2). Open the lid so you can see the LCD screen. Check the keyboard and see if it has a blank key on the bottom right side. Slide a thin object such as a flat head screwdriver underneath the key. Wiggle up and down until the keyboard pops out. Slide the object under the plastic bezel above the keyboard, if you don't have a blank key and pop the bezel out.

3). Remove the cable connecting the keyboard to the notebook motherboard and pull the keyboard out. Remove the plastic bezel above the keyboard and set it aside. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the hinges into place. Pull out the hinges.

4). Check to see if there are additional components preventing you from reaching the video card, such as the case fan or RAM modules. Remove the components so that the video card can be pulled out.

5). Pull out the screws holding the video card in place and remove it from the motherboard. Slide the new video card into the open slot and attach the screws. Re-connect all the components, place the hinges back on, and put the keyboard and bezel back into place. Pop the battery back in and power on the notebook.


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