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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to Connect a Fingerprint Reader

How to Connect a Fingerprint Reader

A fingerprint reader is a security device that requires users to verify their fingerprint in order to access a computer system. It can be used instead of a password, or in combination with one. The fingerprint reader can also be used to secure access to certain files or folders on your computer, as well as specific software applications. In order for the fingerprint reader to work, it must be connected to the computer and its software installed and configured.

1). Insert the fingerprint reader's installation CD into your computer's CD or DVD drive. Your computer will display a message window asking if you would like to install the software. Click "Yes" to begin the installation wizard. If your computer does not open the installation wizard, click "Start" followed by "Computer" or "My Computer," and double-click the CD or DVD drive to open the program.

2). Select the appropriate options presented by the fingerprint reader's installation wizard. For example, agree to the manufacturer's terms of service and choose the installation location of the software.

3). Plug the fingerprint reader into your computer. When prompted by the installation wizard, plug the reader into your machine. Most fingerprint readers connect via USB. If your reader connects through another interface type, make sure your computer has the right available port to continue installation. Plug the end of the reader's cable into an open port on your computer. Your computer will detect and install the reader.

4). Place the fingerprint reader in a comfortable, accessible area. The wizard will ask to register your fingerprint. Follow the prompts to choose which finger you want to register and when to place your finger on the reader to register your fingerprint. You may need to scan your finger several times to ensure the reader gets an accurate print.

5). Click "Finish" when the installation has completed. Restart your computer when prompted. Upon restart you will see a fingerprint reader icon on the login page. Scan your finger to access the computer.


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