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Thursday, January 6, 2011

How To Perform Monitor Self-Test Check (STFC)

How To Perform Monitor Self-Test Check (STFC)

Your monitor provides a self-test feature that allows you to check whether your monitor is functioning properly. If your monitor and computer are properly connected but the monitor screen remains dark, run the monitor self-test by performing the following steps:

1. Turn off both your computer and the monitor.

2. Unplug the video cable from the back of the computer. To ensure proper Self-Test operation, remove the Analog (blue connector) cables from the back of computer.

3. Turn on the monitor.

The floating 'Self-Test Feature Check' dialog box should appear on-screen (against a black background) if the monitor cannot sense a video signal and is working correctly. While in self-test mode, the power LED remains green. Also, depending upon the selected input, one of the dialogs shown below will continuously scroll through the screen.

5. Turn off your monitor and reconnect the video cable; then turn on both your computer and the monitor.

4. This box also appears during normal system operation if the video cable becomes disconnected or damaged. 


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