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Monday, January 17, 2011

Are Notebook Computer Screens Interchangeable?

Are Notebook Computer Screens Interchangeable?

Notebooks are a type of laptop that are smaller, weigh less, have a smaller screen size, and generally have better battery life than larger laptops. New laptops can cost into the thousands, which is why many people prefer to repair or replace notebook parts in lieu of purchasing a new machine. Most screens from different notebooks are not interchangeable, but it is possible to replace notebook screens if and when they break.

Instead of monitors found alongside traditional computers, notebooks and laptops have LCD screens. LCD, or liquid crystal display, is notably much thinner and lighter than monitors. The benefits of LCD screens are that they are more portable, can be powered by laptop batteries and are replaceable.

Similar notebooks may not have the same screen. Major notebook companies have lines of notebooks that are similar in construction. In some models, screens may be interchangeable. It is, however, unlikely that any one person will purchase the same model twice, so swapping a screen in this way is rare. Since purchasing a new laptop just for the screen can be very expensive, this method is not advised to fix a notebook's broken screen.

Finding Notebook Screens
Some companies sell screens to replace those broken on notebooks and laptops. There are also benefits of purchasing the same model of screen for your notebook. First, if you purchase the same model, you can be assured that it will be compatible with your current machine. Second, the price of purchasing a second screen is far lower than purchasing a new notebook.

Do It Yourself
You may opt to changing the screen yourself if you are comfortable and confident in your computer hardware skills. Depending on the model of your notebook, replacement instructions will differ. Another option is taking both the notebook and new screen to a local computer repair shop to have their technicians replace the screen for you. This is suggested if you have any doubts about further breaking your notebook, or even breaking the new screen. If your notebook is under warranty you may be able to send the laptop or just the screen back to the company to have it replaced. Check your warranty for coverage and dates before attempting to send your notebook back.


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