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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How to Reduce the Noise Level in Home PC

3 Ways to reduce noise level in PC

If you have a desktop computer that operates really loudly, there are some tricks you can employ to make the computer operate more quietly.

Reasons for noise in the PC

Usually, the single noisiest component in the PC is the fan. This could be the CPU fan or another fan that is installed in the computer case to keep things cool. The other contributors to noise include the hard disk drive and DVD drive.

Replace The Fan

The first and most important way to reduce the noise level in your home PC is to replace the fan in the computer.Replace the fan attached to the computer case. You can easily buy computer fans for a cheap price and replace them. The CPU fan is something that is not recommended to touch. But if you think that the CPU fan is doing a lot of noise, you can also buy a replacement CPU fan as well.

Get A Better Processor

The another way to reduce the noise level in your home PC is to get a better processor. This might sound weird, but the truth is that when your CPU is slow, it causes lots of other components to chug along, especially the hard drive. That in turn causes heat build up, which forces fans to spin faster, creating more noise. So its better to get CPU and reduce the heat and fan noise in your PC.

Place The PC In A Cool Place

One good way to reduce the noise level in your home PC is to place the PC in a cool environment. When you do that, you reduce heat build up in the machine and prevent the fans from whirring too much to keep the PC cool. As a result, your home PC will emit less noise.


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