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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Asus PrimeSense’s Wavi Xtion

Asus PrimeSense’s Wavi Xtion

While Microsoft has brought the gaming to a new level with the help of Kinect, ASUS, one of the leading manufacturers of Motherboards and computers has announced on Monday a joint project with Primesense that will bring motion sensing controls to the PC, thus possibly debunking any rumors that Microsoft will eventually bring Windows-based support for the Xbox 360's Kinect motion sensing device.

Xtion Camera that sits on television 

According to both companies, the WAVI Xtion for the PC will utilize PrimeSense's core 3D sensing solution already licensed by Microsoft for Kinect. The difference will be that the PC-oriented device will be developed primarily for browsing multimedia content, accessing Web sites and social networks when the PC is hooked up to the living room TV. In addition to the device ASUS will offer world’s first 3D sensing professional development solution-- Xtion PRO exclusively for PC.

The Xtion camera will be sold along with a pair of "Wavi" boxes (jointly branded the "Wavi Xtion") that stream data wirelessly between your TV and PC. The Xtion will sit on our TV and connect to one Wavi device, while the other Wavi is attached to your PC up to 25 meters away. 

Wavi boxes that will receive the data from Xtion camera

Asus has combined Primesense’s simple gesture based control technology with its wireless cross room solution to allow users to enjoy and share PC content on TV with gestures. The WAVI Xtion uses a dual-camera system that can gauge shape and depth and use it to control computer functions, especially in wide-open environments such as home theaters. Asus is primarily focusing on Hands free media and web browsing.
The Xtion is mostly intended for browsing the web, accessing social networks, and navigating multimedia content when your PC is hooked up to the TV.


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