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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dream Screen is HP’s new tablet

Dream Screen is HP’s new tablet

HP has come up with their new Dream Screen tablet. It does not run Windows or Linux, but uses its own platform that can play music and videos, open photos, and run web applications like weather, face book, etc. It comes with 2GB internal memory along with a HP version of Apple Remote with volume and navigation buttons. You can also hook up Memory cards and USB drives and copy content.

It can be connected to an LCD display to watch movies and movies from a USB hard drive. A DVD drive is also welcome; it will then also act as a complete media center solution. And as HP has an AppStore for their Printers, they can also release many more applications for this device.

DreamScreen can wirelessly display content from another computer in your home or from the internet. Yes you can listen to music, watch videos and view pictures.

It is another kind of digital photo frame, it has an access on your PC and web wirelessly. Of course it has Wi-Fi connection. It is 10 inches in which it is easy for us to enjoy photos, videos, music, weather, Face book and many more. It is available in both 10 and 13 inches. In other words, the Dream Screen has ability to become wireless hub in any room in your house.


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