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Friday, December 31, 2010

Types of DVD Drives

Types of DVD Drives

There are many different types of DVD drives that are used on computers. Laptops computers use different drives than desktop computers. Also, different technologies allow your DVD drive to do different tasks.

Desktop Internal DVD Drives
Desktop internal DVD drives are exactly what their names infer. They are designed for mounting inside of the computer to allow easy access to the drive whenever you may need it. Often times, desktop DVD drives are mounted using a bracket on the front panel of the computer case. These types of drives connect directly to the logic board of the computer using two main types of connections: IDE and SATA. Internal desktop DVD drives commonly use a 5.25 inch form factor.
Laptop Internal DVD Drives
Laptop internal DVD drives serve the same purpose as desktop internal drives, except they are designed with a slimmer profile (23.7mm) to fit into tighter areas. Although they are slimmer, the form factor is the same as desktop DVD drives at 5.25 inches. Rather then using a designated mounting bracket, these drives are often built into laptop computers. However, they can usually be easily removed by taking out a couple of screws. These drives are often connected using IDE and ESATA.

External DVD Drives
The third type of DVD drive is an external DVD drive. Instead of connecting directly to the motherboard of the computer, these drives use a USB connection externally. These drives are really nothing more then a laptop internal drive or desktop internal drive encased in an enclosure. These drives work well for net books and laptops that do not include a built-in DVD drive.

DVD Drive Technologies
DVD drives are constantly improving in performance and technology. Almost all drives in production will now read a DVD disc; and DVD burners are using up to 24x write, which will burn a common DVD in less than 15 minutes. Also, DVD drives have expanded beyond just burning, as technologies such as Label Flash and Light scribe will not only burn a disc, but label it with the burner as well.


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