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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to Install the Tape Drive

How to Install the Tape Drive

1. Open the top door.
This door covers the upper part of the server's front panel and is hinged on the right side. Grab the left side of this door and swing it out and to the right.

2. Locate the tape drive mounting bracket.
Depending upon the particular configuration you ordered, the mounting bracket will either be installed inside the server's tape drive slot, or else it will have been packed in a separate box accompanying the machine.

3. Slide the mounting bracket down on top of the tape drive.
Take care that the front of the bracket is properly oriented, and that the holes in the mounting bracket align with the holes on the side of the drive.

4. Secure the mounting bracket to the tape drive with four Phillips screws.

5. Connect the power (TAPE) and SCSI data cables to the tape drive.

6. Carefully slide the tape drive most of the way into the server.
Be careful not to catch the SCSI data or power cables between the drive and the chassis.

7. Detach the diskette data cable from the back of the diskette drive.

8. Take up the slack in the SCSI cable.
Reach into the chassis and pull the excess part of the tape drive SCSI data cable up into the space behind the CD-ROM and diskette drives.

9. Push the tape drive the rest of the way into the chassis.

10. Reattach the diskette data cable to the back of the diskette drive.

11. Secure the tape drive with two Phillips screws.
Screw holes are located on the tape drive's front panel.

12.Close the top door.


These days almost nobody uses tape drives as they are clumsy and take a long time to fetch data

Yes, Now we have blue ray disks and DVD's.. and it is cost effective also

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