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Friday, December 10, 2010

Configuration Error Messages and Meanings

Configuration Error Messages and Meanings

Press F1 to continue Invalid configuration
  • CMOS time and date not set CMOS battery error
  • CMOS memory size mismatches System configuration and setup failure
  • CMOS system option not set CMOS battery failure or CMOS checksum
After the beep tones occur during the startup process, the system now looks and loads the operating system. The errors that occur between the beeps and initializing the operating system can be categorized into the following categories.

  • Hardware failure (due to the physical problem with the booting drive)
  • General Failure Error Reading Drive-x
  • Bad or Missing Command Interpreter
  • Non system Disk or Disk Error
  • Bad File Allocation Table
  • Corrupted or missing operating system files
  • Corrupted or missing boot files
The configuration or boot up problems can be occurred to the hardware or operational function’s failure and if the configuration is correct and these error appears this means there is some problems in the hardware and boot up problems are normally linked with the operating system.


What happens when we remove cmos battery in powered ON status ?

Nothing happens however when you restart your computer you will recieve an error saying "CMOS battery low, Press F1 to continue"

Also you will loose all BIOS Settings and you have to manually set it again.

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