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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Convert Component Output to VGA

 Component output is a great method for people looking for ultra-high-quality output. It has two audio and three video cables in most cases. This lets a viewer enjoy flawless quality output from basic input devices like DVDs and video players. VGA acts a platform format that makes this sharing possible. While connecting a projector or similar equipment to computer, VGA acts as an interface. In this task, component output gets converted to VGA format to enable this process.

1). Connect one end of the component wires/cables to the component output. Make use of color coding to connect the cable to the device i.e. red with red, green with green and yellow with yellow.

2). Connect the other end of the cable-to-VGA adapter. Again follow the coding as earlier.

3). Plug the VGA adapter cable to the device you want to receive output on.

4). Turn on the power of the VGAconverter and component output device. You have completed the task.


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