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Friday, March 11, 2011

How to hard Reset a PDA

Today's PDAs, smart phones, and pocket PCs are hardy and versatile machines that gain technological ground on their desktop brethren with each generation, but, like desktop PCs, occasionally PDA operating systems glitch and freeze.
1). Locate the owner's manual for the PDA being reset.

2). Read the model-specific "Hard Reset" or "Factory Reset" directions for the PDA. Certain buttons, described in the PDA owner's manual, must be held down while resetting a PDA to perform a hard reset.

3). Unwind a paperclip so that one end is straightened and locate the "Reset Hole" on the rear of the machine.
4). Insert the straightened end of the paperclip into the reset hole while holding down the buttons specified in the owner's manual (typically the "Power" button).

5). Remove the paperclip. The PDA will reset to its original factory settings.


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