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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BT Home Hub Specifications

 The BT Home Hub - latest version v.3.0 - is a combined cordless phone and wireless router designed for use with BT Broadband connection (latest version: BT Infinity) and Cable TV. What constitute its specifications vary according to version, but essentially these are technological specifications on one hand, and dimensions on the other.

Basic Specifications
Basic BT Home Hub specifications vary according to version but basically comprise cordless phone, wireless router, power adapter or plug, broadband cable and one broadband port (or socket), built-in broadband modem, Ethernet cable and four Ethernet ports, USB lead and port (v. 3.0 only), built-in firewall, two ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) microfilters, and a Wi-Fi access point for equipment with wireless capability, such as mobile phones, laptops and Wi-Fi webcams.

Broadband and Modem
BT's Broadband connection, for use with the Home Hub, is like all such connections a means of accessing the Internet which doesn't make direct use of a telephone line, as in the case of dial-up, and which is therefore much quicker and more efficient, as well as enabling the use of a telephone during time online, while a modem (or modulator-demodulator) is a device for the transmission of digital data between computers over telephone lines essential for all computers seeking access to the Internet, some being external.

Router and Ethernet
BT Home Hub's Broadband connection is like all Broadband connections dependent on a router, which is a device for keeping Internet traffic flowing between groups of two or more computer systems joined together as networks, and for keeping the networks connected to the Internet, as well as a system known as Ethernet, which establishes a connection between a LAN (local area network) of computers, and whose cable connects an ethernet port in a computer to the router's own ethernet port, such as that of the BT Home Hub.

USB Port
The BT Home Hub v.3.0 contains a single USB (Universal Serial Bus) port and connecting lead, while the first two versions didn't, USB being a means of establishing communications between a personal computer or other electronic device, such as the BT Home Hub, and various other devices, such as hand-held computer controllers (known as mice), keyboards, digital cameras, printers, speakers and external hard drives.

Two ADSL Filters
The BT Home Hub v.3.0 comes equipped with two ADSL (Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line) filters, which connect into an adapter provided by a basic telephone cable, and consist of one entry point for telephone and one for router, in this case the BT Home Hub.


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