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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to Find a Wireless Wep Password

Each laptop and wireless device that you own must use the WEP password in order to connect to the wireless router. To find the security key, you will need to log into your router's administrator dashboard from a computer that is currently connected to the router.

1). Open your Internet browser on a computer that is connected to the wireless router.

2). Type the IP address for your router in the address bar of your browser. The IP address may vary depending on the brand and model of your router. You will find the default IP address listed in your router's instruction manual.
3). Type the administrator username and password when prompted. If you have not set up an administrator account, this will be the default administrator user. You can find the default administrator information in your router's instruction manual.

4). Navigate to the wirelesssecurity section of your router's dashboard. This will display the WEP security settings currently on your router.

5). Record the "Key 1" and password listed under your WEP security section.

6). Close your browser once you have recorded the WEP password.

7). Enter the password or the key on your wireless device or laptop when you are prompted. This will allow you to make a secure connection to the network and receive Internet services.


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