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Thursday, February 3, 2011

USB Fan for Laptop

A fan can aid in exhausting heated air from a laptop. Build the fan with a USB connection to keep the fan as portable as the laptop. The fan will plug into the USB port of the laptop for power and eliminate the need for a power supply. A few supplies from a hobby shop will be needed, along with a few tools found in most households.

  1. Place the portable motor fan on a work surface. Strip a half inch of insulation from the ends of the red and black wires connected to the fan with wire strippers.
  2. Cut off an end from a USB cable with the blade of a utility knife. Slit two inches in on the outer insulation from the cut end with the utility knife. Pull the insulation back. Peel the wire mesh back to reveal the inner wires. Strip a half inch of insulation from the ends of the black and red wires with a wire strippers. Cut the white and green wires free of the cable with the blade of the utility knife.
  3. Wind the exposed ends of the black wires (motor fan/USB cable) around each other. Repeat this procedure with the red wires. Wrap a strip of electrical tape around each of the pair of wires.
  4. Place the motor fan with its back against the vent of the laptop. Plug the fan's USB connector into a USB port on the laptop -- typically this will be on the side or back of the laptop. The blade of the motor will now draw air out of the vent.

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