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Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to force eject a stuck DVD/CD drive

Stuck CD/DVD can either be physically stuck inside the drive or it could just be Operating System that’s stuck. Usually in cases of a scratched, damaged or bad blank disc, Operating System gets confused and won’t let go of it. This simple trick will unstick that stuck DVD/CD drive in seconds.

·        Unbend a paper clip. This is the tool you will use to unstick the stuck DVD/CD drive
·        Look very closely around the door of the stuck DVD/CD drive until you locate a very small hole.

·        Insert the unbent paper clip into the small hole. Inside, there is a spring-loaded eject button.


·        Press gently on the paper clip to activate the spring-loaded eject button. This should unstick your stuck DVD/CD drive.                                                                 


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