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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to Convert USB to Parallel

How to Convert USB to Parallel

There are many older devices such as printers and scanners that are still in good working condition. But because technology has advanced, the parallel connectors on these devices can't connect to newer computers that only have USB ports. In order for the older devices to work with newer computers, you'll need to buy a cable that will connect to a parallel port on one side and a USB port on the other side.

1). Turn off your computer and the device before attaching the cable.

2). USB cableAttach the parallel side of the cable (the larger of the two connectors on the cable) to the device. Plug in the USB side of the cable to the computer's USB port.

3). Tighten the screws on the parallel connector to ensure there is a good connection. On the computer, make sure the USB connector is firmly attached.

4). Turn on the computer and the device. Once the computer is up and running, the operating system should automatically detect newly attached devices. If auto detection doesn't work, insert the CD that came with the device and install the software driver.


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