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Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to fix Keyboard not detected by the computer:

When you use a wired keyboard, you may experience one or more of the following problems:
  • The keyboard is not detected.
  • The keys on the keyboard do not work.
  • Wrong characters are typed.
  • The keyboard shortcuts do not work.
To work around keyboard is not detected, use the following methods
1.      Turn off your computer before troubleshooting. Verify that the keyboard is securely plugged in to your computer. Try another PS/2 or USB port if your computer has more than one, or try the connections on another computer, if applicable. If the keyboard  still doesn't work, then it may be defective and needs to be replaced.

2.      Confirm that the driver software was installed correctly by checking whether there is any error next to keyboard entry in device manager. Some keyboards, especially if they're wireless, require drivers in order to function properly. Also follow the instructions to install any software that came with the keyboard.

3.      Update the driver for your keyboard, if necessary. Open the control panel on your computer, check the hardware settings and then follow the commands to update the driver.

4.      Turn the keyboard upside down to remove any dust, debris or food crumbs. These particles can also prevent the keyboard from working properly. Clean out hard-to-reach areas of the keyboard with an air compressor or a "static-safe" vacuum cleaner.

5.      Fix the keyboard layout if the characters on screen don't match what you type. Select an input language on your computer, then choose the keyboard layout that matches that language from control panel( region and language settings)


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