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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to Make an SCSI to USB Adaptor

How to Make an SCSI to USB Adaptor

SCSI stands for Small Computer Systems Interface. SCSI was the standard to connect most computer peripherals until the emergence of USB cables. Nowadays, a vast majority of computers are equipped with USB ports for peripheral connections. However, if you have a SCSI peripheral device, you may want to build a SCSI to USB adapter so you can use it on a computer with a USB port. Note that you will need a SCSI to USB cable and a USB cable to perform this task. These cables are available for purchase in most electronic stores.

1). Connect the "SCSI" end of a "SCSI to USB" cable to your SCSI peripheral device.

2). Connect a USB cable to the "USB" end of the "SCSI to USB" cable.

3). Connect the other end of the USB cable into one of the empty USB ports on your computer.

4). Turn on your SCSI peripheral device. Wait until your computer recognizes the device and let Windows install the necessary device drivers. Once connected, you will see a notification saying that the device is connected and ready to use.


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