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Monday, February 7, 2011

Disassembling a Computer

5 Tips for Disassembling a Computer System

Disassembling a computer can be a painful task. If you're planning to slot in a new hardware component or want to look inside your PC, disassembly cannot be avoided.
Here are few tips for making the task pretty easy:

1. Cut Off The Power

This is important. The first thing to do when disassembling a PC is to disconnect your computer from all power sources.

2. Open the Case Slowly

Next, you want to open the computer case slowly. Some PCs slide off the side - and you may need to remove some screws before the cover can come off. Others open in different ways. You need to check your specific computer case.

3. Learn What is Inside the Case

Once that computer case comes off, you need to familiarize yourself with the internals of your PC. If you want, you can take photos. Usually, the things to look out for are you video card, hard drives, sound card, CPU, memory modules.

4. Disconnecting Adapter Cards

If you need to remove adapter cards, e.g. a PCI based sound card, you will need to take note of the screw at the top of the bracket. Remove that screw first, then you'll be able to disconnect the card.

5. Disconnecting Disk Drives

The other point to note is regarding disk drives. Disk drives (hard disks and floppy disks) usually have screws at the side to secure them in the PC's drive bays. Make sure you unscrew those carefully and hang on to the drive while doing it.

Its important to bear the above points in mind when opening up your PC, it will avoid any potential problems that may happen.


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