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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Convert PC Card to USB

How to Convert PC Card to USB

The PCMCIA (PC card) has been roundly replaced by USB devices. The sheer litany of products that are immediately functional, or require only a quick install, through the USB make multiple slots highly convenient -- for example, using a single laptop to listen to an iPod while printing off an external hard drive. Meanwhile, fewer and fewer devices use the PCMCIA format. Fortunately there are adapters available to convert a computer's PC card slot into an extra USB port.

1). Purchase a PC card (PCMCIA)-to-USB adapter. These can be found at computer and electronics stores or online. Make sure that the adapter specifically states that it is the correct type of adapter.

2). Push the card end of the adapter into the PC card slot. Make sure that the adapter is completely placed into the port.

3). Connect the USB device you wish to use to the USB side of the adapter. The adapter functions as a standard USB port, so use the device as you would through any other USB connection.


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