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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vesa VGA Connector

What Is a Vesa VGA Connector?

Cable clutter is a problem that can be frustrating and counterproductive when setting up a workspace. The VESA connector attempts to solve this problem by combining many different signals into one wire.

1). VESA is an acronym for the Video Electronics Standards Association, which sets standards for PC and computing environments. The VESA connector is capable of incorporating video, audio, printer, Firewire and USB connections into one wire.

Central Connection Point
2). The monitor acts as the hub for all incoming hardware connections such as the mouse, keyboard and printer. The VESA connector directly connects the monitor to the PC hardware via a 34-pin MicroCross Molex pin and socket on both sides of the wire. This essentially eliminates the need to connect each individual device to the PC directly.

3. The VESA connector was later renamed the VESA plug and display connector. Eventually, DVI replaced the VESA connector due to its ability to support high bandwidth and enforce digital content protection.


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