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Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to Expand My Printer Memory

 Most printers have a limited amount of memory; print jobs are spooled from the sending computer in bite-sized chunks the printer can handle.

If you increase the amount of memory in a printer, you also increase the amount of data that the printer can accept from the spooler on your computer. More data through the spooler means faster print times and less time waiting beside the printer.

1). Find the owner's or user's manual for your printer (you may be able to find it online if you do not have it readily available). Refer to the manual for the type of memory you need for your particular printer.

2). Turn off the printer.

3). Locate the memory expansion cover slot for the printer. On most printers, the slot is in the rear of the unit. With some models, however, the slot may be on the side or even the bottom of the printer. In most cases, the slot cover will have a "Memory" or "RAM" label or have a small picture of a memory module on it.

4). Remove the retaining screws for the slot cover with the Phillips screwdriver. Remove the slot cover and place it out of the way.

5). Put on the anti-static wrist strap and attach the clip on the other end to a metal part of the printer case.

6). Remove the printer memory module from its anti-static packaging. Hold the module on the edges. Never touch the metal contact leads on the bottom of the piece of memory.

7). Align the notch in the contact edge of the memory module with the one in the memory slot for the printer. While holding the module at about a 30 to 45 degree angle, push the contact edge of the module firmly into the slot. Once you can push the module no more, push the outer edge of the module up or down (depending on the orientation of the slot) until it snaps into place.

8). Place the slot cover back over the memory expansion slot. Reinsert the retaining screws and tighten them with the screwdriver. Remove the anti-static wrist strap.

9). Attach the printer cable. Plug the electrical cord back into the outlet. Turn on the printer and use as you normally would. You should notice increase in the performance of the printer.


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