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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

USB to PS/2 Converter Cable Is Not Detected

USB to PS/2 Converter Cable Is Not Detected

There are two kinds of USB to PS/2 adapters: straight adapters and signal converters. Adapters are designed to approximate a PS/2 port as connected to the USB port, while signal converters have internal hardware that takes the PS/2 signal and turns it into a USB signal. The hardware in signal converters allows the BIOS access and may include operating system drivers, which can alleviate many issues that users encounter with PS/2 to USB adapters.

1). Turn off the computer and reconnect all USB and PS/2 devices. Ensure that the connections are all well-seated, and fit snugly into the ports.

2). Try using a different USB port. The same hardware may function differently in different USB ports for a few reasons, including a different power output, a dusty or dirty USB port, or hardware failure within the computer.

3). Ensure that your device(s) are plugged into the right ports. If your adapter is colored, the purple connector is for keyboards, and the green connector is for your mouse.

4). Connect the keyboard and/or mouse without an adapter to another computer to make sure that the keyboard and/or mouse is still functioning. If you don't have a computer with a ps/2 port to test the devices, you may try the adapter in another computer with USB ports.

5). Try another keyboard and/or mouse with the adapter. If the adapter works well in your computer with different hardware, this may indicate a compatibility issue between your adapter and style of keyboard and/or mouse.

6). Find out if your adapter is compatible with your devices. If you're using an adapter designed to be connected to both a keyboard and mouse, without using both devices, the adapter may not function properly. The manufacturer's website should include any relevant device conflicts.


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