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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Problems Installing GeForce 8400

GeForce 8400 is a high-performance video card used for video games and multi-media applications. It features 512MB of video memory, full DirectX 10 support, SLI technology and dual DVI outputs. The GeForce 8400 is also compatible with Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems. However, when installing the GeForce 8400, like any video card, problems can occur with compatibility and other factors.

Motherboard Incompatibility
Video cards come with a few different slot types. This includes PCI, AGP and PCI-Express. The GeForce 8400 uses PCI-Express technology specifically. If your motherboard is outdated, or does not contain a PCI-Express slot, the GeForce 8400 will not work. So before purchasing a video card it is important to refer to your motherboard specifications to check for compatibility.

Output Problems
The GeForce 8400 features dual DVI outputs for monitor and TV connections. In order for a proper connection your TV or monitor it should also have a DVI input. However, if your monitor or TV does not have a DVI output, adapters can solve this problem. In most cases, the adapters you would need to solve this problem are either DVI to VGA or DVI to HDMI.

Outdated or Incorrect Drivers
Up-to-date drivers are necessary for the GeForce 8400 to run properly. If your drivers are out of date, or designated for an incorrect operating system the card will not function properly. In order to download the latest drivers for your operating system you will want to visit Nvidia's website. When downloading the drivers you will need to input your operating system and video card model.

Resolution Problems
Once the drivers are up-to-date, video settings may need to be adjusted. This includes resolution, aspect ratios and more. To adjust your settings accordingly, right click anywhere on your desktop and select "Personalize". Next, select "Display settings." Now make sure that your GeForce 8400 appears in your display settings. Finally, you can adjust your resolution and aspect ratio using the sliders on the display settings window.



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