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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to Write a Dual Layer DVD

A dual layer DVD features two thin layers that can hold double the data, video clips or other media that you may store on a DVD disc. This saves time, space and allows you to have fewer discs for the same amount of space. Burning these discs is a relatively easy process that only requires a few extra steps than a standard DVD.

1). Download and purchase Nero (see link in References). Nero offers easy-to-use programs for every type of CD/DVD disc. Click the "Photo/Video" icon beneath the program's main menu. Nero Burning Rom will load and present you with a new project.

2). Look in the bottom right-hand corner of the project for a drop-down menu. The menu should say "DVD." Click the drop-down menu, and select "DVD-9." This is the technical name for a double-layered DVD.

3). Drag and drop your media files into the project. The program will automatically analyze them and show how much space they take up on the DVD. When the blue progress bar has turned red, the DVD is full and has too much content on it.
Click "Next" to proceed to the menu editing process. Create customized menus for the DVD including your own background, font and preview screens. Press "Next" when you have finished editing the menu.
Watch a preview of the DVD menu and press "Next" when you have tested all the functions. The final screen will come up with the burning options.
Insert the double-layered DVD disc and press the "Burn" icon to let the burning process begin.

DVD Data Disc
1). Click the "Data" icon in the main Nero menu. Click "Make a Data DVD." Wait for the menu to load within the program.

2). Click the drop-down menu in the lower corner and select "DVD-9" option. This option may appear in the left-hand corner for some versions of the Nero program. Press "Next" when you have made all the selections.
3). Insert a blank double layer DVD into your computer drive. Make sure it is a dual layer blank DVD because using a single layer could cause the DVD to have an error and be ruined.

4). Check your burn settings and press the "Burn" icon when everything is selected. Wait for the DVD to burn and complete. The disc will pop out of the drive when it is finished.

5). Insert the disc back into your drive and make sure that the DVD works. Wait for the files to load and click a few to make sure there were no errors.


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