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Friday, April 8, 2011

Replace Ink in Canon MP970

The Canon PIXMA MP970 Photo-All-in-One printer uses seven liquid ink tanks to produce photos and paper printouts. The printer will display a message on its LCD screen when an ink tank runs out of ink. Low ink levels in one or more ink tanks will cause diminished print quality, such as streaks or lines in the printouts. Replacing depleted ink tanks will correct these problems.

1). Push lightly on the center of the printer's output tray to fold it down. Press the printer's "Power" button to turn on the printer before continuing.

2). Lift up on the printer's top cover until the hinges prevent you from raising it further. Wait for the ink tanks to stop moving inside the printer before proceeding.

3). Press on the tab in front of the ink tank you wish to replace, and lift the ink tank up and out of the printer. Dispose of the old ink tank, making sure to not touch the bottom of the tank to avoid getting ink on you.
4). Open the new ink tank's packaging and remove the tank. Peel off the orange tape and protective film covering the ink tank. Twist the orange cap on the bottom of the ink tank counterclockwise to remove it from the ink tank.

5). Slide the front edge of the ink tank into the empty slot in the printer. Press on the ink tank's sticker where it reads "Push" so that the tab on the front of the ink tank snaps in place, indicating that you have the ink tank secured properly in the printer.

6). Fold the top cover down and raise the output tray back into place.


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