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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Deleting the Master Boot Record on a Partition

The Master Boot Record, or MBR, is a small program that runs each time your computer starts up. Sometimes, this program malfunctions and you may need to remove it. Often the best approach is to format the hard disk to remove all remnants of the malfunctioning software. This will remove every software and partition so you will be able to reinstall everything from scratch.

1). Back up all data on your hard disk. You can transfer all files to a portable hard drive. Plug it in and drag all items you want to save into the portable hard drive's folder on the desktop.

2). Restart the computer. Press F12 to access the BIOS setup menu. Change the startup disk so that the computer will start up from a CD next time you start the computer. Look for the "Boot Disk" menu options, hit enter and choose "CD-ROM."
3). Insert a Windows or Mac installation disk, press "ESC" and restart the computer.

4). Delete all existing partitions if you want to have all hard disk space in one batch. Delete the partition that contains the Master Boot Record or create new partitions using the formatting software on the installation disks. Follow the installation software's instructions during the formatting process.

5). Choose NTFS format mode for the partitions as it is a faster and more secure form of formatting.


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