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Friday, April 8, 2011

Clean the Rollers on a Phaser 6120

The Xerox Phaser 6120 uses laser printing technology to transfer digital images and text to paper, creating hard copies. In order to create the printouts, the Phaser 6120 uses a series of rollers to move the paper through the inside of the machine. The toner powder, or the ink used in the Phaser 6120, as well as paper dust can eventually build up on the rollers with continued use of the printer. You may notice more paper jams or even black or grey streaks on the paper as a result. Cleaning the rollers takes a few moments of your time.

1). Unplug the printer's power cord from the back of the printer, remove any paper left in the printer's output tray and fold the tray's extension. Pull up on the handle located at the front of the Phaser 6120's top cover, swinging the cover open and toward the rear of the machine.

2). Grab the handle on the top of the toner cartridge and pull up until the cartridge comes free from the printer. Place the toner cartridge on a scrap piece of paper in an area without direct sunlight.

3). Wipe the feed rollers clean using a dry and clean microfiber cloth, making sure to turn the wheels so you clean the entire surface. Reinsert the toner cartridge in the same direction it sat inside the printer before, then lower the top cover so that it snaps closed.
4). Fold down the duplexer's cover on the backside of the printer, exposing the duplexer's rollers. Clean the rollers with a dry microfiber cloth, turning them as you did the feed rollers, then push the duplexer's cover back into place so that it clicks.

5). Grasp the notches located on the sides of the printer at the bottom of paper tray 1, then lift the printer up to separate it from paper tray 2. Place the printer on a sturdy and level table, far away from the edge.

6). Wipe down the rollers located inside paper tray 2 using a dry microfiber cloth, making sure to turn the wheels so you clean the entire wheel surface. Lower the printer back onto paper tray 2 carefully , lining up the edges of the printer with the edges of the tray. Plug the printer's power cord back into the back of the printer.


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