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Monday, April 11, 2011

Enable ATI Theater Mode

ATI Theater Mode is especially useful if your personal computer contains video files that cannot be played on your DVD player. For example, you may have home movies on your personal computer and no way to watch them on your TV. Theater mode is an effective way to send videos to your TV with minimal hassle.

1). Right-click the desktop. A context menu will appear.

2). Select "Catalyst Control Center" from the context menu. Catalyst Control Center will load.

3). Select the "Graphics Settings" tab.
4). Click "Avivo Video" in the left-hand column. A sub-menu will then expand.

5). Click "Theater Mode" in the sub-menu. This will cause "Theater Mode" to be displayed in the main menu.

6). Select "in Theater Mode (full screen)" in the "Select Theater Mode Overlay" setting.

7). Select "Match the source video" in the "Theater Mode Settings" section.

8). Play your video, which will now be displayed on your television.


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