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Monday, April 25, 2011

Dispose of Printer Toner

 If you own a laser printer or copier, you will have to change the toner cartridge. But you cannot simply throw the old toner cartridge away with the trash. Those toner cartridges contain materials that are potentially hazardous, so keeping them out of landfills is important. Fortunately there are recycling programs in place to help you get rid of old toner cartridges without threatening the environment.

1). Remove the new toner cartridge from the box and look for a return shipping label. Many toner cartridges come with prepaid shipping labels customers can use to recycle their old toners.

2). Log onto the website of the printer manufacturer if there is no return label in the box. Search for the word "Recycling" on the website to find information about any toner recycling programs the printer manufacturer has in place.
3). Enter your return address, contact information and other requested information into the form on the website to create the return shipping label. Place that label aside while you pack the old toner into the box.

4). Place the used toner cartridge in the plastic bag that contained the new cartridge. Secure the ends of the plastic bag with packing tape to prevent leaks in transit.

5). Put the used toner cartridge into the box and tape the box shut with packing tape. Contact the shipping carrier to schedule a pickup of the box for recycling.

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